MP BJP hits out at Congress over Surjewala’s remark


The BJP in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh, which has been facing relentless attacks from the Congress over alleged ‘corruption’ charges, has found ample opportunity to hit out at the opposition.

Surjewala’s controversial remark came just four months before the assembly elections where he has been appointed as a senior observer for Madhya Pradesh. Hence, the BJP leadership has launched a scathing attack on Surjewala and the Congress. Responding to Surjewala’s alleged remark on BJP supporters, chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said the Congress leader calls people ‘Rakshas’. “Congress leaders call people Rakshas. It is the Congress’ real face. I want to ask Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi whether they consider the people of this country Rakshas,” Chouhan asked.

Hitting out at the central Congress leadership, Chouhan said those who claim to run the ‘shop of love’ consider the public as demons. “Are crores of people who voted for the BJP Rakshas as the Congress leader is saying? Madhya Pradesh is my temple, the people living in it are my God and their priest is Shivraj Singh Chouhan,” the CM added.

Addressing the Congress ‘Jan Akrosh’ rally in Kaithal (Haryana) on Sunday, Surjewala had said, “Don’t give a job, at least give a chance to sit in the job. People of the BJP and the JJP are ‘rakshas’ (demons) and those who vote for the BJP and support them are ‘rakshas’ too. Today, I curse them from this land of the Mahabharata.”



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