Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation imposes liens on non-operational mills for unpaid property tax


The list includes Jubilee Mills, Gujarat Textiles Mills Co. Ltd, and Commercial Ahmedabad Mills Co. Ltd, all of which are inoperative. The collective outstanding tax liability for these mills stands at Rs 26.6 crore, Rs 4.6 crore, and Rs 3.2 crore, respectively. The AMC’s tax department has extended this lien action to encompass a total of 133 properties. Among these, a breakdown reveals that 60 properties are situated in the East zone, 33 in the Central zone, 13 in the South zone, 9 in the North West zone, 8 in the West zone, 6 in the South West zone, and 4 in the North zone.

Jainik Vakil, chairman of the AMC Revenue Committee, clarified the course of action in response to the outstanding tax. Deputy Municipal Commissioners in the respective zones have been mandated to formally document the lien on these properties within the revenue records. The taxpayers in arrears are expected to respond within a specified window of 30 to 60 days to the Mamlatdar. If the overdue tax issue is successfully resolved, the AMC will issue a No Objection Certificate (NOC).



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