Mumbai: Cr conducts joint mockdrill with ndrf and other disaster management team. Central Railway CR Mumbai Division every year conducts joint mockdrill with National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) to check alertness and response time of various stakeholders in the event of a major accident.

In this regard today i.e. on 17.05.2022, a drill was conducted at Kalyan Up yard. An artificial accident scenario of passengers trapped inside a burning coach was created. Where in one coach of train no. 11139 got derailed and collision occurred with adjacent coach of train no.11021 which resulted in fire on both trains. A situation developed, where passengers were trapped inside a burning coach.

The drill started at 10.33 hrs and an immediate message was given by field staff to emergency control of Mumbai division. The control office acted immediately and a message given to NDRF, Ambulance, fire brigade and Accident relief train, Railway Medical relief van, civil defence staff from railways were first responders, used fire extinguishers and rescued passengers followed by arrival of fire brigade at 10:41 hrs. NDRF team arrived at 10.45 hrs on site and started a major rescue operation. Immediately the coach was cut from top and windows and NDRF personnel entered the coach to evacuate passengers. Fire hydrants were used by the fire brigade and railway ambulances also arrived at 10:40 hrs and provided immediate medical assistance to injured passengers. RPF of railways also assisted NDRF in evacuation of passengers. Fire brigade personnel entered the coach and completely doused the fire by 11:02 hrs. All the passengers were evacuated by 11:27 hrs. Initial first aid was provided to the injured and their health parameters were checked by railway doctors. All the stakeholders were found to be responsive and fast and the whole situation was controlled in one hour. Accident Relief Train of Kalyan completed rerailment of derailed coach at 11:55 hrs.

These drills make joint operation of railways with various disaster response agencies smoother and help substantially in real life situations. Central Railway Mumbai Division aims for zero accident. However, in the event of any such untoward incident, these drills will continue to be conducted jointly by railway for preparedness and quick response. This drill was coordinated by the Safety department of Mumbai Division. Shri Robin Kalia, Senior Divisional Safety Officer, Mumbai Division, Shri Shashank Mehrotra, Chief Medical Superintendent and Dr. Rudra Addl. CMS, Kalyan Railway Hospital, and other railway officials were present on the occasion.


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