Central Railway organizes “ ANUBHUTI” – motivational lecture series by experienced in-house officials


Mumbai:- Central Railway organizes “ ANUBHUTI” – motivational lecture series by experienced in-house officials. Central Railway has taken an innovative initiative to enhance the productivity and efficiency of work by learning from the experiences of successful individuals in various fields. The initiative, known as “ ANUBHUTI” , involves a lecture series delivered by Senior Officers and In-house talents who have excelled in their respective fields.

The 2nd and latest lecture in the series titled “ Grow into a Better Self” on 03.07.2023 featured Shri Jagmohan Garg, Principal Chief Materials Manager, Central Railway speaking on how leveraging the knowledge and experiences of successful individuals within the Organization can inspire and motivate employees to reach their full potential.

The series also featured a lecture by Shri Anil Ramteke, Chief Materials Manager (Sales), Central Railway on team building, collaboration, skill development, enhanced confidence, inspiration and goal setting.

Central Railway organizes “ ANUBHUTI”

Both lectures were attended by Officers, Inspectors and staff in large numbers. Field Officers and staff on outdoor duty attended the sessions online.

The inaugural lecture under “Anubhuti” on 23.5.2023, featured Shri Ansari Jamal, Office Superintendent, Materials Management Deparment(Stores), Central Railway and a renowned footballer and Coach of the Central Railway Football Team.
In his lecture, Mr Jamal shared his life’s learning experiences and highlighted the importance of discipline, setting targets, learning from failures, and promoting team spirit.

The ANUBHUTI lecture series aims to hone the skills of leadership, team building, and efficient work delivery through teamwork.


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