Sydenham College Visits Kaivalyadhama Mumbai for Panchkarma and Yoga Workshop


Mumbai : Students and faculty from Sydenham College visited Kaivalyadhama Mumbai to gain a deeper understanding of Panchkarma and Yoga. The program aimed to educate participants on these traditional Indian wellness practices.

Joint Director Ravi Dixit, Dr. Animesh Karmakar, and teachers Dinesh and Sahil from Kaivalyadhama Mumbai led the workshop. They provided a combination of lectures and demonstrations to effectively convey the knowledge of Panchkarma and Yoga.

Panchkarma is a five-fold purification process considered essential in Ayurveda for cleansing the body and restoring balance. Yoga, a complementary practice, focuses on physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to promote mental and physical well-being.


This workshop offered Sydenham College students and faculty a valuable opportunity to learn directly from experts at Kaivalyadhama Mumbai, a renowned yoga institute. The exposure to Panchkarma and Yoga can potentially enhance their understanding of holistic wellness approaches.



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