A Lamborghini Urus for Sewing Industry, Jack Technology release new generation overlock machine URUS

GUANGZHOU, CHINA – Media OutReach Newswire – 18 June 2024 – A brand new ‘Lamborghini Urus’ specialize for sewing and textile industry launched on 16 June, Guangzhou, China. This ‘Urus’ is not a car, but is a overlock machine also called URUS, which could full speed cross seam and unlock any fabric like a Lamborghini.

Jack Technology release new generation overlock machine URUS

This revolutionary new sewing equipment produced by Jack Technology, a global top sewing equipment manufacturer, and was displayed on Jack Technology’s new product conference 2024 for worldwide distributors, customers, and media over 30 sub-venues in China, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries. URUS attracted attention of many specialists and scholars from sewing industry. The chairman of China Sewing Machinery Association, vice president of China Garment Association, India, Bangladesh Garment Association and other leaders all attended the conference, witnessed this milestone moment in the sewing equipment industry.

Jack Technology Start a New Chapter in Sewing with AI Power

With the fashion and personalized clothing becoming increasingly popular, the sewing and textile industry has shifted to “small orders and quick reorders” model. However, problems such as machine stuck, fabric wrinkled, needles or threads broken always happened to traditional overlocks, especially when they working on thick, thin, elastic, hard and other mixed fabrics.

A new generation overlocks is urgent for this industry. Under this context, Jack Technology decided to integrate AI technology with sewing equipment, and then established in-depth cooperation with global top universities and research institutes, including Stanford University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, spent four years to conquer these industry’s problems and finally launched this pioneering overlock ‘URUS’.

“URUS” is equipped with an industry-leading AI full-speed feeding system, this is the key technology that make URUS could breakthrough all joints of the thick fabric, yarn fabric, elastic fabric, and denim hard fabric. Even if the thickness of different joints varies by hundreds of times, it can pass at full speed without slowing down.

Plus, URUS has a ‘super brain’. With a million-level pressure-to-feed ratio model library, system could perform multimodal intelligent detection of fabric thickness changes at a speed of 32,000 times per second. Once the fabric changes slightly, it immediately calculates to generate the best pressing force and feeding force parameters.

After super brain complete calculating, two core technology of URUS’: Presser Foot Transformer and Smart Rhino Feeding will start to execute command based on the parameters. Presser Foot Transformer technology refers to the moment when the subtle changes in the fabric are sensed, the pressure transformation speed can be achieved by 0.00006 seconds, and the pressure distribution force can be adjusted immediately according to the different fluctuations of thick stems, thin stems, elastic stems, and hard stems; Smart Rhino feeding technology then accurately outputs the power distribution according to different fabrics, with an accuracy control of 0.01 Nm and a comprehensive torque of up to 9.2 Nm, achieving a perfect match between the pressure distribution force and the delivery force in real time.

Jack Technology displayed URUS performance during the conference. URUS has easily full speed cross various thickness of fabrics, including hoody, Jeans, Yoga suit and mesh yarn respectively, all of them were with perfect stiches.

Jack Technology Aims on Unmanned Sewing in the Future

Just at the same day at 2023, Jack Technology launched their first heat sewing equipment product: AMH lockstitch. Nowadays, AMH has been sold to worldwide enterprise over 500,000, in more than 170 countries, and share 45% market.

However, Jack Technology has insighted the growing challenges among clothing production at the same time. In the future, unmanned clothing production is the only way for the sewing equipment industry.

Given that, at the conference, Jack Technology announced that it will fully promote unmanned research and development, promote the deep integration of software and hardware and AI technology, and gradually form unmanned production through the combination of various templates and humanoid robots. Eventually, start a new era of intelligent production with AI technology implementation and practice.

‘As long as we focus on creating values for customers, keep sewing technology innovation and investing, endeavor to develop intelligent total solution for sewing industry, I believe we could breakthrough any challenges like the URUS ‘. said by Jack Ruan, the founder and CEO of Jack Technology.

Jack Ruan established Jack Technology in 1995, Jack Technology has grown as a global enterprise with the largest production and sales volume and the strongest comprehensive strength in the global sewing equipment industry. Jack Technology products benefit more than 160 countries and regions in global and serve many fields such as garment, shoe, luggage, furniture, leather, auto, and aviation. The release of URUS highlights the innovative strength and market influence of Jack Technology in the sewing equipment domain once again.

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Jack Technology Co., Ltd.

Jack Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 603337) is a global enterprise with the largest production and sales volume and the strongest comprehensive strength in the global sewing equipment industry. It is also a global company that integrates auxiliary material warehousing, intelligent cutting, hanging, sewing, sorting, and finishing. Jack is an integrating APS, MES, WMS, PDM and other software and hardware total solution provider. Jack products benefit more than 160 countries and regions in global and serve many fields such as garment, shoe, luggage, furniture, leather, auto, and aviation.

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