Mumbai Film Festival Unveils Restored Gems for 18th Edition


Movie lovers rejoice! The 18th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) is set to unveil a treasure trove of restored Indian films, offering a unique window into the country’s rich cinematic heritage. These films, meticulously brought back to life under the National Film Heritage Mission, will be showcased thanks to a collaboration with the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) and the National Film Archive of India (NFAI).

A Diverse Selection for Discerning Cinephiles

MIFF 2024 promises a cinematic journey through time with a diverse selection of restored classics:

  • Satyajit Ray’s Poignant “Pikoo” (1980): This Bengali film, a 26-minute adaptation of Ray’s short story “Pikoor Diary,” captures a day in the life of a young boy grappling with his parents’ fracturing relationship.

  • A Glimpse into Animation’s Art with B. R. Shendge’s “The Art of Animation” (1981): This 10-minute Hindi film delves into the fascinating world of animation, showcasing the meticulous process of transforming still images into captivating moving pictures.

  • A Rare Look at “Fear” (1965) by Ritwik Ghatak: This rarely-seen 16-minute Hindi short film, created as an exercise for acting students, takes viewers to a future threatened by nuclear war.

  • Santosh Sivan’s Inspiring “The Story of Tiblu” (1988): This heartwarming 84-minute Hindi film follows Tiblu, a nine-year-old girl in a remote village, whose passion for education transforms her community.

  • Exploring Shared History with “Around India with a Movie Camera” (2018) by Sandhya Suri: This compelling 86-minute English documentary utilizes archival footage to weave a narrative about the shared history of the British and Indian subcontinent before independence, featuring iconic figures like Sabu and Gandhi.

  • An Anthropological Journey with Deepak Haldankar’s “Where Time Stands Still” (1978): This insightful 11-minute Hindi film offers an anthropological perspective on the lives of the Adivasis in Abhujmad and surrounding regions, highlighting their unique agricultural practices, social customs, and strong sense of community.

MIFF Champions Cinematic Preservation

The inclusion of these restored films underscores MIFF 2024’s commitment to preserving and celebrating India’s cinematic heritage. This exciting lineup provides a golden opportunity to rediscover the works of legendary filmmakers and delve into various themes that have shaped Indian cinema throughout the years.

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