Supporting an Ally: How Indian Weapons Are Aiding Israel in the Fight Against Terrorism


India’s burgeoning defense relationship with Israel has become increasingly crucial in the context of global security, particularly in Israel’s ongoing battle against terrorism. The cooperation between these two nations, marked by significant arms shipments and technological exchanges, underscores the importance of continued support.

Key Contributions to Israel’s Defense

Recent events have brought attention to the pivotal role of Indian-manufactured weapons in Israel’s military operations. The cargo vessel Borkum, carrying explosives from India, was en route to Israel’s port of Ashdod. Despite political opposition in Europe, the shipment demonstrated India’s commitment to supporting Israel’s defense needs. Documents revealed that the cargo included rocket engines, rockets with explosive charges, and other crucial munitions necessary for Israel’s military.

Advanced Weaponry and Technology Collaboration

Indian companies, such as Premier Explosives Limited, have been instrumental in supplying critical components for Israeli defense systems. The production of solid propellants for Barak missiles, which are essential for Israel’s missile defense, highlights the technical collaboration that strengthens both nations’ security frameworks.

The Adani Elbit Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Complex in Hyderabad, a joint venture between Adani Defence & Aerospace and Israel’s Elbit Systems, has further solidified this partnership. This facility produces Hermes UAVs, essential for surveillance and reconnaissance, and represents a significant technology transfer from Israel to India. These drones play a vital role in Israel’s counter-terrorism operations, providing real-time intelligence and enhancing operational effectiveness.

Strategic and Diplomatic Importance

The strategic partnership between India and Israel extends beyond mere defense collaboration. This alliance is rooted in shared geopolitical interests and a mutual commitment to combating terrorism. India’s support for Israel is not only a testament to its capabilities as a defense supplier but also reflects its strategic diplomacy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration has been pivotal in deepening these ties. Modi’s historic visit to Israel in 2017 and the subsequent strategic agreements have set the foundation for extensive cooperation in defense, space, and technology. This relationship enables India to bolster its own security while contributing to global efforts against terrorism.


India’s defense support to Israel, exemplified by recent arms shipments and ongoing technological collaborations, is vital in the global fight against terrorism. The strategic partnership between the two nations enhances their defense capabilities and fortifies their positions in the global geopolitical landscape. Continuing this collaboration is essential for maintaining security and stability in a world increasingly threatened by terrorist activities.

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