Israel’s Eco Wave Power in Talks with Adani Group to Set Up Wave Energy Plant at Vizhinjam Port


Eco Wave Power, an Israel-based developer of onshore wave energy technology, is in discussions with the Adani Group to install a power generation plant at the Vizhinjam port in Kerala. This comes as the Vizhinjam port recently received approval to become India’s first transshipment port.

Inna Braverman, founder and CEO of Eco Wave Power, confirmed the talks with Adani Vizhinjam Port Private Limited (AVPP). The company is looking to install power floaters, utilizing the port’s breakwaters for the project.

“We are currently having discussions with AVPP surrounding the potential implementation of a wave energy project, first with the intention to utilise the 980 meters of breakwaters for an initial prototype of the project, and later potentially incorporating the existing 3000 meters of breakwaters in subsequent project phases,” said another Eco Wave Power official.

Each megawatt of installed capacity at the port site will require 270 meters of breakwater space.

While acknowledging the lack of regulation and legislation for wave energy in India, Braverman pointed out that getting regulatory approvals can be a lengthy process, taking up to three years compared to the six months it takes to build a power station.

She also addressed concerns about the technology’s viability, citing past failures of offshore wave energy projects due to difficulties handling high waves. Eco Wave Power’s technology, however, is onshore and designed to circumvent these issues.

Braverman highlighted the success of their pilot project at the Port of Jaffa in Israel, which became the first company to supply electricity generated from waves to the national grid in August 2023. The 100 kilowatt (kw) pilot project was supported by the Israeli Ministry of Energy and EDF Renewables IL.

According to Braverman, the cost of building a 1 megawatt wave energy plant is comparable to solar and wind energy, requiring an investment of around $1.5 million.

Eco Wave Power is also making strides internationally. The company is finalizing approval for the first-ever US wave energy pilot project in collaboration with Shell. This 100-kw power station will be located at AltaSea’s premises in the port of Los Angeles.

In March 2024, Eco Wave Power received approval for the world’s first commercial-scale wave energy project, a 20 MW facility in Porto, Portugal, which will supply electricity to 20,000 households.

This potential collaboration with the Adani Group marks a significant step for Eco Wave Power’s entry into the Indian market and the development of wave energy as a renewable energy source in the country.

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