‘Will prove that I’m the undisputed champion’: Arjan Bhullar ahead of fight against Malykhin


New Delhi, June 22 (IANS) Ahead of his Heavyweight World Title Unification match against Anatoly Malykhin in Bangkok, Arjan Singh Bhullar, the reigning ONE Heavyweight World Champion, has said that he will prove himself as the undisputed champion.

Arjan recently shared insights into his mindset and preparation for the megaevent. He emphasised the importance of visualization, perfecting techniques, and mastering breath control.

The 37-year-old described how his routine enables him to remain calm and in control, even in high-pressure situations with the spotlight on him.

As Bhullar approaches his upcoming bout against Malykhin, the former Olympian stands firm in his conviction that he is the true champion and is ready to prove it once again.

“For every day I have a routine where I visualize what it is I’m doing, I’m doing it fully, in an arena full of people, or in a gym, perfect techniques, and the breath work I do. So a lot of this process allows me to do it with the most pressure, when all the lights are on and the arena is packed and everyone is yelling and screaming, you have to be calm.

Anything can happen around you, inside, only you control that. And that’s the emotions, the breath, that’s the mind. And basically you have to have the techniques to do that as well. For me, it was like, ok, if it’s possible, all you need is hope sometimes, ‘Hey, it’s doable, it’s possible.’ If they can do it, I can do it, and now I have to figure out how to do it,” Bhullar told Star Sports.

On being asked about his reign as ONE Heavyweight World Champion, he said “There’s one champion, there’s one title, across all divisions, across all sports there’s not two. So, I am that, and I am the champion. In my time away, they introduced this fake thing, I can give you this object and tell you, you’re the champion too. But for some reason he’s been brought into it too (Malykhin), which is, you know, that’s up to him. But come June 23rd, that is it. I am a champion, but every time you go back out there, you have to prove it, and I will prove it again, June 23.”

“You know your confidence goes to the next level. I am the man, everything I thought I was, I am. So it’s a different feeling when you have a belt. So you become 10% better they say when you become a champion. Because your mental combines with your physical. What you thought you were, sitting there meditating and visualizing all of this, it actually happens. So that affirms everything. So the next person that comes now is in big trouble,” he added.



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