Stokes calls for ‘Umpire’s Call’ to be scrapped in DRS after heavy defeat to India


New Delhi, Feb 19 (IANS) England captain Ben Stokes called for ‘umpire’s call’ regulations within the Decision Review System (DRS) system to be scraped after Zak Crawley’s dismissal in their 432-run defeat in the third Test against India in Rajkot.

Stokes found Zak Crawley’s lbw dismissal perplexing as the technology suggested the ball was not hitting the stumps, yet the on-field decision stood and the DRS gave it as ‘umpire’s call’.

Stokes head coach Brendon McCullum was seen talking to the match referee after the match, seeking clarification over Crawley’s dismissal.

“We just wanted some clarity around Zak’s DRS when the images came back. The ball is quite clearly missing the stump on the replay. So when it gets given umpire’s call and the ball’s not actually hitting the stumps, we were a bit bemused. So, we just wanted some clarity from the Hawk-Eye guys.” Stokes was quoted by ESPNCricinfo.

“It came back saying the numbers, or whatever it is that is, it was saying that it was hitting the stumps but it was the projection that was wrong. I don’t know what that means. Something’s gone wrong.

“It’s not me blaming that on what’s happened here, like I didn’t last week. It’s just… what’s going on?”

Stokes, however, refused to blame such calls for England’s defeat but called for ‘umpire’s call’ rules for DRS to be scrapped.

“We’ve been on the wrong end of three umpire’s calls this game and that is part of DRS. I’m not saying and never will say that’s the reason why we’ve lost this game, because 500 is a lot of runs. It is not something you pin down to result of the game.

“Sometimes when you are on the wrong end of those decisions it hurts but that is part of the game. You want them to go your way, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. You just want a level playing field.

“The umpires have an incredibly hard job as it is, especially in India when the ball is spinning. My personal opinion is if the ball is hitting the stumps, it is hitting the stumps. They should take away ‘umpire’s call’ if I’m being perfectly honest. I don’t want to get too much into it because it sounds like we are moaning and saying that is why we lost the Test match,” said Stokes.



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