Forensic audit, if needed, will also be done at All India Chess Federation: Interim Secy


Chennai, Jan 1 (IANS) The All India Chess Federation (AICF) plans to have a forensic audit of its accounts by hiring an external auditor as some of the papers are missing from its office, said Interim Secretary Ajeet Kumar Verma.

“We found some of the papers, inventories missing from the AICF office. It was decided to appoint an external auditor to audit the accounts. If need be, forensic audit will also be carried out. The proposed audit will also check on the payments made to various people,” Verma told IANS.

The decision to appoint another audit firm was taken at the AICF’s urgent General Body Meeting held on December 28 in Guwahati.

The meeting was called to discuss matters relating to the officer-bearers’ election, the financial health of the AICF, various court cases, formation of a legal committee and appointment of law firm Prout solicitors LLP.

Verma said the AICF accounts were audited by audit firm ARSAN & Co.

“The new auditor will also do a forensic audit if he is not satisfied with the books. We are yet to finalise the external auditor who would do the audit,” Verma added.

Meanwhile the former Secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan said some people are trying to tarnish his image.

“I was the Secretary of the AICF till August 15 and all accounts of the Federation are clean and were passed at the Annual General Meeting,” Chauhan told IANS.

In a communication to various chess officials a day after the General Body meeting at Guwahati, Chauhan said all the accounts of the AICF are clean and were passed at the annual general meeting.

The accounts were duly audited by the official auditor who happens to be the auditor of the Federation President Dr Sanjay Kapoor.

Chauhan said for the Chess Olympiad that was held in Chennai, there was a five-member committee formed at the annual general meeting to oversee all processes of tendering and payments.

“I was nowhere part of spending or allotting tender to anyone,” he said.

“I have decided to say goodbye to the world of chess administrators; however I will always be there for chess and chess players.”

Confirming that he had sent the message to several chess officials Chauhan told IANS that he will continue to be the office bearer of the Asian Chess Federation and the Commonwealth Chess as they were elected posts.

According to him, attempts are made to tarnish his image just before the elections for the AICF.

As per the current scheme of things, the elections for choosing AICF office bearers have to be held on or before January 3, 2024 but the election schedule has not been announced till date. Further, a 21 day notice should be given for holding of the elections as per AICF byelaws, chess players said.

Verma said the AICF has written to the government seeking time till March this year to hold the elections. He said one of two Returning Officers is available only after January 5, 2024. The two Returning Officers will decide on the polls. If they decide to go ahead with the polls, then the election process will go on giving 2 days notice.

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