TN govt fails to replace damaged shutters in reservoirs


Chennai, June 22 (IANS) The Tamil Nadu water resources department that had asked the officials to conduct inspection of shutters in all the 90 reservoirs of the state has failed to replace or repair the shutters citing lack of funds.

After the shutter in Parambikulam Dam was washed away during the last monsoon, the state water resources department had asked the officials to conduct a proper inspection in all the reservoirs.

Even after the officials conducted a detailed inspection of the shutters and gave a report, the state water resources department did not take any action. It may be noted that if a shutter is damaged and washed away, then it means that there would be overflow leading to floods and even loss of lives.

Sources in the Tamil Nadu Water Resources Department told IANS that the department could not take this further due to a lack of funds with the department.

The officials also told IANS that Poondi reservoir, one of the most important reservoirs in Chennai that provides drinking water to the city needs some minor maintenance works.

The state water resources department has been conducting inspections in all reservoirs since January, but even after providing detailed proposals, the department is not able to take this forward due to a lack of funds.

An official with the water resources department of Tamil Nadu told IANS that they are expecting funds soon and that the department would immediately conduct the repair and replacement works as proposed by the inspection committees.


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