Saurabh Bhardwaj conducts inspection of Delhi hospital


During his inspection, Bhardwaj examined the hospital’s OPD, the medicine counter, the ticket counter, the blood testing lab, the MRI room, the ICU ward, and the general ward, among others.

He also engaged in conversations with the doctors and other staff members present at different departments to gather insights about the hospital’s management.

He inquired whether there were any issues faced by the employees in their work and whether there were any deficiencies in the hospital’s arrangements. Additionally, he spoke with the patients and their family members present at different wards to understand their perspectives.

The discussions encompassed topics such as free medicines and free tests for the patients, ensuring that no bribes are demanded by the staff etc.

During the inspection, the minister assessed the operations of the OPD, ICU, medicine counter, operation theatre, and the ENT department.

He interacted with the patients and family members to gather their feedback about the hospital’s arrangements.

Discussions covered topics such as the availability of free medicines and whether all treatments are being provided free of cost. The patients and their family members expressed their satisfaction with the hospital’s arrangements, cleanliness, and the conduct of the hospital administration.

The inspection was part of the efforts of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government to provide transparent and high-quality healthcare services to the people.



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