Russia fully supports two-state solution in Palestinian-Israeli conflict: Putin


Speaking at the plenary session of the Russian Energy Week, Putin said that Russia’s position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has remained the same over decades, and this stance is well known in both Israel and Palestine.

“We have always advocated for the implementation of the decisions of the United Nations Security Council, which involve the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state,” the Russian President said.

He criticized Washington’s policies in the Middle East, noting that the US “tried to focus on financial assistance, rather than finding solutions to existing fundamental political challenges”.

The Russian leader said that such moves only escalate the situation, and it is necessary to find compromises.

“It is unclear whether it will be possible to somehow calm the situation in the near future, but we must strive for this because the expansion of the conflict zone can lead to dire consequences,” Putin said.

He further said it was crucial to minimize civilian casualties on both sides.

Hamas on Saturday launched a surprise attack on Israeli towns adjacent to the Gaza Strip, prompting Israel to launch retaliatory strikes on Gaza. The Israel-Hamas conflict has so far caused heavy casualties on both sides.



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