Restoring J&K’s democratic character our priority: JKPC


Srinagar, June 23 (IANS) Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference (JKPC) said on Friday that restoration of the democratic character of J&K and the empowerment of its polity stand as the foremost challenges faced by its people.

It said the prevailing circumstances have resulted in the suspension of the polity of J&K, which is effectively diminishing the power and influence it once held in representing the aspirations and interests of its people.

“The authority that rightfully belongs to the citizens of J&K has been unjustly transferred to the unelected bureaucracy, thereby subverting the essence of democracy,” JKPC said.

It also said that any attempt to undermine or dilute the influence of the polity will be vehemently opposed.

“The J&K polity is the embodiment of our people’s collective strength and aspirations. We will resist any endeavour aimed at eroding its power and authority. The supremacy of the J&K polity is our utmost priority,” JKPC said.

“We firmly believe that the identity of those ruling Jammu and Kashmir is secondary to the fundamental principle of returning power to the hands of the people. Our focus is on restoring the rights of the people of J&K to elect their own representatives, who will tirelessly work to address their concerns, aspirations, and ensure that their voices are heard,” JKPC said.


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