Rajasthan sets record in seizures after code of conduct imposition


Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Gupta said: “Since the implementation of the code of conduct, over 7.95 litres of liquor (worth Rs 15.37 crore), Rs 26.27 crore cash, drugs worth Rs 38.94 crore and gold and silver worth Rs 15.72 crore have been seized. Apart from this, freebees worth Rs 46.24 crore distributed free to the people during elections have been confiscated.”

He said that various enforcement agencies in the state have created a new record in the case of seizure of illegal material, as never before had so much material been seized in the state during elections.

In the 2018 Assembly elections, illegal material worth Rs 70 crore was seized during the entire code of conduct period i.e. in 65 days.

Gupta said that Jaipur is at the forefront with the seizure of material worth Rs 21.20 crore. At second place is Udaipur with Rs 11.20 crore, at third place is Barmer with Rs 9.80 crore, at fourth place is Bhilwara with Rs 9.49 crore. The figures for other areas are Alwar – Rs 8.31 crore, Jodhpur – Rs 8.26 crore, Sriganganagar – Rs 7.17 crore, Sikar – Rs 6.63 crore, Chittorgarh – Rs 6.53 crore and Pali – Rs 5.26 crore.



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