PM Modi engages with students, NCC cadets during I-Day celebrations


This event, filled with patriotic spirit, witnessed the participation of these young cadets. As Modi’s speech came to an end, the NCC cadets joined their voices to sing the national anthem, a fitting conclusion to the occasion.

A notable gathering of 1,100 male and female NCC cadets congregated for this special event. Bleachers were set up at the Gyanpath venue, where the cadets donned their official white uniforms and sat together to witness the proceedings.

The Prime Minister engaged in a warm and friendly exchange with the students, creating a delightful atmosphere. The cadets, hailing from different schools across the nation had the unique opportunity to connect with the country’s leader.

The interaction showcases the importance of fostering a connection between the country’s leadership and its promising youth. It is the day of national pride, symbolising the unity and determination of the young cadets who are dedicated to serving their nation.

Modi’s interaction with the NCC cadets was a heartening display of leadership, camaraderie, and support for the youth who stand as a beacon of hope for the nation’s future.



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