No CBI probe into paper leak, says Raj minister; BJP cries foul


Jaipur, Jan 24 (IANS) Responding to the debate on the paper leak issue in the Rajasthan Assembly, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shanti Dhariwal on Tuesday rejected the opposition’s demand to initiate a CBI probe into the matter.

The Rajasthan second grade teacher recruitment exam paper was leaked in December 2022 after which the test was cancelled. More than 50 people, including candidates, have been arrested so far for their alleged involvement in the paper leak. In the past three years, as many as eight cases of paper leak have bee reported from across Rajasthan.

In the Assembly, Dhariwal said, “What will happen if this matter is handed over to the CBI? The investigation will continue for eight years and all the documents that are there will be taken by the CBI. In such a case, recruitment examinations will not be held for 15 years. The future of the students will get spoiled.

“Speedy investigation is being done in the paper leak case and a day-to-day monitoring is also being done. The culprits will be given the strictest punishment. It is our commitment that the future of the students should not be spoiled, so recruitments will be done after conducting the examination. Rajasthan Police are capable of investigating the matter and hence I reject the demand for a CBI probe.”

Earlier, there was a lot of uproar during the debate on the paper leak issue. Leader of Opposition Gulabchand Kataria, questioning the reply of Education Minister B.D. Kalla on the matter, announced to boycott the proceedings. On this, Dhariwal told him that he should listen to his reply first before leaving the House.

Kataria got angry at Dhariwal’s intervention and there was a scuffle between Kataria and Dhariwal. The BJP MLAs also created a ruckus. Seeing the uproar, Speaker C.P. Joshi ended the debate on paper leak and adjourned the House.

The debate on paper leak began after the House reconvened. Speaker Joshi said that the adjournment motion is not passed on the day of the debate on the Governor’s address, but in view of the seriousness of the matter, breaking the tradition, he approved the adjournment.

During the debate on paper leak, Kataria lashed out at the state government, saying, “At least take steps to improve the examination system by forming a committee of this House. It is a matter of shame that people were caught in the paper leak case just for formality… They got bail and are roaming free now. Those who solved questions by taking Rs 5-7 lakh got bail.

The accused persons would have been caught had there been a proper investigation, he added.

During the debate, Deputy Leader of Opposition, Rajendra Rathore, said that the government is showing favouritism in the investigation into the paper leak case.

“In the name of anti-cheating bill, action is being taken against some people while some are being released,” he added.

Rathore added: “You were talking about Uttar Pradesh… National Security Act has been imposed against paper leak in UP. This time the paper was leaked from RPSC (Rajasthan Public Service Commission). Technically, only the RPSC chairman knows from where the paper was printed.”

Even Advisor to CM, Sanyam Lodha, questioned the method of appointing chairman in RPSC and Staff Selection Board.

Lodha said: “What kind of people do we hire in RPSC? Do we go with merit? Until we do not improve the standard of these constitutional institutions, the efforts of the youth of Rajasthan will continue to be wasted.”


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