Kharge alleges Chair defending PM; RS chairman says ‘I am not required to defend anyone’


After the House met on Thursday, Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankar invited floor leaders for a meeting at 1 p.m. to find a way forward for discussion on Manipur.

He also said that the chair will accommodate discussion on Manipur irrespective of time constraint, irrespective of other constraints.

Following the remarks by the chairman, Kharge said, “When I am asked to raise and speak then within seconds I am asked to sit. Why is this happening repeatedly?”

Kharge said, “The Chair has asked the members to come up with a via media, and INDIA members have proposed that this happen.”

Following the mention of INDIA by LoP, treasury benches protested.

Kharge highlighted that rule 267 means that other business should be set aside.

He also wondered why it has become a prestige issue.

He said that his notice has eight points… “why this should be admitted under rule 267, but the Chair is saying there is no reason”.

He then asked the House be adjourned till 1 p.m., when the floor leaders are to meet in the Chair’s chambers, saying that they will discuss and resolve the issue and then return to the House.

“You are not admitting small points, you are defending the Prime Minister, I don’t understand why,” Kharge asked.

Dhankhar said that the Chair takes up the last point and said, “We have a constitutional democracy at every level, our Prime Minister is not needed to be defended by me, he has come to be defended on global platforms.

“Every Indian should be proud of it,” he says. “I am not required to defend anyone,” Dhankhar said, adding that he needs to defend the Constitution, and that “we should be proud of the government”.

“I am not concerned with politics, I am concerned with governance,” he added.

The Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) has been demanding a statement by the Prime Minister in both the Houses of Parliament. The opposition have also demanded for a discussion on Manipur.

The Monsoon Session has been stormy amid the uproar by the opposition over the violence in Manipur.


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