Kerala HC grants bail to 7 students who obstructed Governor’s convoy


Kochi, Jan 12 (IANS) A month after the incident, the Kerala High Court on Friday granted bail to seven students who were arrested for obstructing Governor Arif Mohammed Khan’s convoy and shouting slogans against him.

The incident occurred on December 11 in the state capital city when Khan was proceeding to the airport.

An angry Khan got out of his car and was seen expressing his displeasure to the security officials.

Before granting bail, the judge interacted with the accused students and their parents in the presence of their counsel as well as the public prosecutor.

“The petitioners assured this court that they would regularly attend their classes, obey their parents and undergo counseling to transform their attitude and mindset,” the court saikd in the bail order and added that their attendance sheets should be presented to the jurisdictional courts on a quarterly basis.

“Let the order be a reminder to the students that the reformative path would be in store if they indulge in similar offences as alleged in these cases,” the court said.

“This impulsiveness often overlooks the potential consequences, and by the time the harsh reality sets in, they might find themselves languishing in prison. To prevent such outcomes, addressing the underlying causes is crucial by creating spaces for constructive dialogue and promoting a change in the mindsets of the persons at the helm of affairs,” the court opined.



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