Israeli drone kills gunman as Hezbollah-Israel clash continues


An Israeli drone fired a missile at an armed man on Friday in Wadi Hounin, adjacent to the southern town of Houla, Lebanese military sources told Xinhua news agency.

The sources added that the gunman managed to infiltrate the Israeli border town of Margaliot after crossing the barbed border fence and later withdrew toward the Lebanese territories.

The sources added that the Israeli army fired several phosphorus bombs at him before targeting him with a missile launched from a drone.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah announced that its fighters used guided missiles to target several Israeli sites along the border.

Sources in the Lebanese Internal Security Forces told the news agency that Israeli bombings destroyed a chicken farm and caused considerable damage to 15 houses in several Lebanese towns near the border.

The situation on the Lebanese-Israeli border escalated after Hezbollah fired on October 8 tens of rockets toward military sites in Shebaa Farms in support of the al-Aqsa flood operation launched by Hamas on October 7, prompting the Israeli forces to respond the same day by firing heavy artillery, targeting several areas in southeast Lebanon.



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