Israel attack was planned for 2 years; less than five leaders knew about it: Senior Hamas official


Baraka added during an interview with an Arab news channel that for the last few years, Hamas projected a ‘rational’ image to the outside world by claiming to focus on governing in Gaza as opposed to planning terror attacks, Daily Mail reported.

That image, however, was part of the organisation’s plan to covertly plan the massive attack on Israel that has launched the region back into war.

“It (Hamas) did not go into any war. It did not join the Islamic Jihad in its recent battle,” said Baraka.

“But all this was part of Hamas’s strategy in preparing for this attack,” the interviewer jumped in to say.

“Of course. We made them think that Hamas was busy with governing Gaza, and that it wanted to focus on the 2.5 million Palestinians (in Gaza), and has abandoned the resistance all together. All while under the table, Hamas was preparing for this big attack,” Baraka readily admitted.

“We have been preparing for this attack for two years,” he said.

His comments confirm, among other things, that Hamas’ view of the Palestinian people is merely utilitarian. The terrorist organisation infamously places headquarters in hospitals, near schools, and in residential neighbourhoods to ensure that any retaliatory attacks will cost as many civilian lives as possible.

As the Israeli military began its onslaught against Hamas this week, the IDF and Israeli government repeatedly sent messages to civilians in Gaza to get out before the attacks begin. Hamas reportedly sent messages to those same civilians telling them to stay in place, Daily Mail reported.

Baraka discussed the attitude toward human life taken by Hamas and Palestinian extremists when it comes to war with Israel.

“The Israelis are known to love life,” he said.

“We, on the other hand, sacrifice ourselves. We consider our dead to be martyrs.”

“The thing any Palestinian desires most is to be martyred for the sake of Allah, defending his land.”

He went on to say repeatedly that Russia is a country that “sympathizes with us”. He said that following the attacks, the Russians sent Hamas leaders messages.

“Russia is happy that America is getting embroiled in Palestine. It alleviates the pressure on Russians in Ukraine,” he added.

“One war eases the pressure in another war.”

In the interview, Baraka explained that Iran is Hamas’ primary political and financial backer, and that the terror organisation plans to expand and escalate the war so that Israel is defending itself in the South and the North.

Rockets from Syria and Lebanon began flying into northern Israel early this week.

On Saturday, Iran-backed Palestinian terrorists stormed Israel in a coordinated attack that has so far taken the lives of 1,200 Israelis, some of whom were raped, burned alive, and beheaded mercilessly by agents of Hamas.

Today, residents in Gaza faced growing uncertainty after the territory’s only power plant ran out of fuel and shut down. Over the weekend, PM Netanyahu declared war on Hamas and made it clear that Gaza would feel the impact of Israel’s retaliation for decades to come.

This week, Israeli airstrikes demolished entire neighbourhoods and sent people scrambling to find safety. The war is only expected to escalate from here.

Netanyahu has promised that his military will ensure the deaths of every Hamas agent.



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