‘Gujarat model’ has ruined the country, says Congress leader


Jaipur, Jan 12 (IANS) Gujarat Congress President, Govind Singh Dotasra, has targetted the BJP-led state government and said that the Gujarat model has ruined the country.

“What is the Gujarat model with Bilkis Bano? Gujarat model is not a model, it is a model of ruining the country, it is a phrase. The entire country is being ruined by this phrase. Rajasthan will not be allowed to become the ‘Gujarat model’. Rajasthan will remain Rajasthan, Rajasthan will have its own model. The officers, politicians, people and intellectuals of Rajasthan are all capable. Rajasthan does not need the Gujarat model,” said Dotasra, while talking to the media at the state Congress headquarters on Friday.

“The Rajasthan government doesn’t know where to start and where to end? Law and order is fragmented. The incidents of rape against women are increasing by the day. The schemes of the Congress government have been halted. Work orders for all the development works were stopped and money was stopped. No one is working. No Minister is working,” he added.

The State Gujarat Chief said: “I have told the Chief Minister to roam around Rajasthan and say only one thing that SIT has been formed. Millions of decisions still have to be taken. SIT is one decision among them. Now move ahead with SIT. We were accusing people that the government is not able to catch the mafia. Catch them and show them. Get justice to the people. The name of Indira Rasoi was changed, but it would have been better if its arrangements were made better. Instead of working, Ministers are giving various types of statements. Some Ministers are saying that the Health Ministry has not been functioning, some Ministers are saying produce more children. From the statements of the Ministers it seems that they are speaking out of frustration.”

“Congress will contest on 25 seats, no one should have any doubt. Even if opposition INDIA bloc forms an alliance on seats, it is Congress that is still fighting. The party High Command will decide accordingly and the decision whether to fight alone or in alliance will be taken in Rajasthan also,” he added.



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