DMK, CPI(M) reject TN Governor RN Ravi’s statement on Tamil saint Vallalar


Chennai, June 22 (IANS) DMK leader and Tamil Nadu Finance Minister Thangam Thenarasu has rejected Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi’s recent statement that saint Ramalinga Vallalar was the superstar of Sanatana Dharma.

He said that the Tamil Nadu Governor does not know the basic difference between ‘Samarasa Suddha Sanmarkka Neri’ – teachings of Vallalar and that of Sanatana Dharma.

In a tweet the minister said: “The Governor was trying to fit in Vallalar into Sanatana Dharma which will not happen.”

Thenarasu said that the Tamil civilisation has clearly explained that Tamil culture and values have capacity to function on their own and it was as clear as a waterfall running from a hill.

The minister said that the Governor was “converting” the Raj Bhavan into a “tent of Sanatana Dharma” and added that the views of the Governor should be rejected.

The CPI(M) leader and Member of Parliament from Madurai, Su Venkitesan also rejected the statement of the Tamil Nadu Governor that Saint Ramalinga Vallalar was a superstar of Sanatana Dharma.

Venkitesan in a social media post said that Vallalar had strongly opposed religious practices. The CPI(M) leader said that Saint Vallalar had in his verses clearly opposed religious practices.

Venkatesan recalling the teachings of Vallalar said, “The practices of religion that enjoyed respect has died, the false liking of varnashrama also fell by the wayside.”

He also said, “Mr. Governor, both Tiruvallur and Vallalar were voices of revolt and you cannot swallow them. They were the voices that chased away Sanatana Dharma.”


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