COs, SHOs using uncostituinal means in Bihar: JD-U MLA


Patna, June 20 (IANS) JD-U MLA Gopal Mandal said on Tuesday that all Circle Officers (CO) and Station House Officers (SHO) in Bihar are not performing their duties as per the law and have resorted to unconstituional means.

“I have learnt that COs and SHOs are not working as per the law. I have received compalints against them. You are putting your jobs at risk by resorting to unconsitutional means,” Mandal warned the COs and SHOs.

“I am receiving complaints about COs not working properly. I am also receiving complaints against SHOs. I want to say only one thing to them — either mend your ways or I will come at you,” Mandal said.

“Not a single work in my area is on hold. The officials are doing their jobs after phone calls from me. If you elect me again, no one will dare to put your work on hold,” he said.


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