‘Corruption cannot be tolerated’, Kejriwal orders CAG audit of DJB (Ld)


According to Delhi CMO sources, Kejriwal has ordered a CAG audit of DJB for the last 15 years.

The orders came in the wake of questions being raised about the irregularities in the DJB.

The source also mentioned that the Chief Minister has said that corruption cannot be tolerated at any cost. The source further said that the decision of CAG audit was taken in light of concerns raised about financial irregularities in Delhi Jal Board.

Kejriwal said that misuse of public funds will not be tolerated, the source said.

The source said that Delhi’s Finance Department has raised concerns regarding financial mismanagement, but has not pointed out specific instances of financial improprieties or errant officials.

Delhi Water Minister Atishi has said that this was what made the CAG Audit essential.

The source said that CAG audit was in accordance with Section 69, DJB Act and Section 19(3), CAG (Duties, Power and Conditions of Services) Act.



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