Conspiracy to stop free electricity scheme in Delhi: Power Minister Atishi


New Delhi, March 27 (IANS) Power Minister Atishi on Monday alleged that a conspiracy is being hatched to stop the free electricity scheme that Delhi government is providing to the people of the national capital.

“The scheme which has been a huge success is being obstructed by some officials in connivance with Lt. Governor V.K. Saxena. To investigate the matter further and to find out the truth behind the conspiracy, a special audit of the accounts of all the electricity companies of Delhi for the last 8 years will be conducted by the CAG auditor,” she said.

Atishi also noted that the officials have removed experts appointed by the government on the boards of power companies in a hurry, and this has raised questions about the nexus between the officials of LG and the power companies.

Addressing the media, she also questioned the removal of chartered accountants and power sector experts from the boards of power companies.

“Why is the file related to free electricity not being shown to the elected government of Delhi? Are the LG and the officials conniving with the power companies and hatching some big conspiracy?” Atishi asked.

Atishi said that a special audit of power companies will expose the conspiracies to stop the free electricity being given to the people of Delhi by the Arvind Kejriwal government. It will be clear from the special audit that the money given to the power companies for free electricity has not been misused, she added.

“The file related to the scheme which came out from the LG office 15 days ago, has yet to reach the Chief Minister, the Electricity Minister, or the cabinet. This delay is highly suspicious and suggests that a significant conspiracy is underway to obstruct the provision of free electricity to the people of Delhi.

“The deliberate hiding of such an essential file from the Chief Minister and the cabinet raises alarming questions. Why are some officials preventing the file from reaching the concerned authorities? Is there any attempt to prevent the continuation of the free electricity scheme in Delhi?” Atishi said.


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