Congress made the state ‘backward’ in development and ‘first’ in inflation, says Shekhawat


During the upcoming Rajasthan Assembly elections, Shekhawat said on Thursday in Ajmer that the people had made up their mind to overthrow the Ashok Gehlot government.

During this visit, while talking to mediapersons, he added that the Congress government in Rajasthan came to power by making false announcements during the 2018 state Assembly elections but instead cheated the farmers of the state whose loans were not waived off.

“Unemployment allowance was not given to the youth. This government had failed to protect women. After the formation of the Congress government, the game of ‘Kissa Kursi'( for the post of Chief Minister) continued for four-and-a-half years. Due to this conflict, more than seven crore people of the state continued to suffer.”

Shekhawat said that after the Congress government came to power, Rajasthan reached the bottom in every parameter of development, while it reached number one in inflation, unemployment, corruption and atrocities towards women.

“Rajasthan was once the cultural capital of the country. Today it has become the capital of crime. Eight murders and 18 rapes are happening every day. Dalit oppression is happening. Today crimes have increased two hundred per cent.”

The Union Minister said that the Gehlot government has committed the sin of giving Rajasthan the “identity of a rapist state”.

“When Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is asked about the increasing rape cases, he sometimes says that more cases are registered in Rajasthan, that is why this is happening. Then he said that relatives do the most rapes.”

Shantilal Dhariwal, a Cabinet minister in the Rajasthan government, worked to tarnish the reputation of Rajasthan in the state Assembly by saying “that Rajasthan is a state of men, hence rapes are more common here”.

Shekhawat added: “This government is anti-youth. Unemployment allowance has not been given. On the contrary, by leaking the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) paper, the future of the youth was left in the lurch.”

Earlier, Gehlot said that there were no leaders or officers involved in the RPSC paper leak, but later officers and leaders also came forward. RPSC members are also in jail.



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