BJP govt discouraging farmers to procure fruits, veggies from other states: Congress


Panaji, June 23 (IANS) Congress General Secretary Viriato Fernandes on Friday alleged that the BJP government in Goa is discouraging local farmers to procure fruits and vegetables from neighboring states to get commission.

Fernandes was talking to reporters after submitting a memorandum to the agriculture department to increase support price and subsidy on agricultural products.

He said that farmers are not getting the assistance on time, which deprives them from doing agricultural activities.

“Government is trying to make us dependent on neighboring states, so they get commission from agents while procuring the vegetables and fruits,” he said.

He said that the government is trying to strangle farmers by delaying the assistance.

He said youth should not be encouraged to venture in agriculture sector as government has failed to provide them facilities.

He said that Congress demands white paper on fallow land and crop production of the state.

Under Goa State Horticultural Corporation Ltd (GSHCL), around 1300 vendors in the state sell vegetables. GSHCL purchases vegetables from other states and supplies to these vendors.

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, in September last year, said that vegetables imported from other states under government scheme will be stopped and only local produce will be purchased, once production is increased.

“We are dependent on vegetables procured from Belgavi-Karnataka. We now ‘like’ the taste of outside procurement, more than our traditionally grown here. This is a fact,” Sawant had said.

Sawant said that Goa is dependent on other states for milk, fruits, vegetables, chicken and mutton. “Whatever we need should be produced in Goa. At least half of the required quantity should be produced in Goa,” he had said.


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