Atishi, Delhi Mayor visits IIM Kozhikode to motivate MCD school principals


Delhi government has sent a group of MCD school principals to IIM Kozhikode.

Atishi said, “Just like Delhi government schools, MCD schools too will witness an education revolution soon. All these MCD school principals will become torchbearers of this revolution. They are the hope for a brighter future for lakhs of children studying in MCD schools.”

Atishi said that a principal is a vital part of any school. “By observing a principal’s behavior and approach to work, one can gauge the quality of the school.”

Mayor Shelly Oberoi said that quality education is the highest priority for the Kejriwal government in the MCD as well.

“As part of initiative, we are providing training to our principals from renowned institutions both nationally and internationally. This will enable them to apply the knowledge gained from the training to improve their schools. The training from IIM in this regard will prove to be highly effective, and we will make MCD schools world-class through this effort,” Atishi said.

Prior to this, the first group was sent to IIM Ahmedabad for school leadership and management training.




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