The New Anti-Scam and Compliance Measures of JUHBZ to Build Investment Confidence

DENVER, USA – Media OutReach Newswire – 21 June 2024 – JUHBZ, one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms of the world, has recently announced a significant initiative: the launch of a series of new anti-scam and compliance standards aimed at enhancing the transparency of platform operations and comprehensively protecting user assets and privacy. These measures adhere to international anti-scam and compliance management standards, complying with specific regulations in various regions, demonstrating the commitment of JUHBZ to global user responsibility and strict adherence to industry standards.

The brand representative of JUHBZ stated, “In the cryptocurrency market, anti-scam and compliance are key to building user trust and ensuring asset security. By introducing these new anti-scam and compliance standards, we further enhance the security and transparency of the platform.”

In terms of anti-scam and compliance management, JUHBZ not only adheres to the regulations of FinCEN and FINTRAC and complies with 5AMLD, but also follows guidelines set by AUSTRAC. Moreover, JUHBZ actively adapts to the anti-scam and compliance requirements of the Asian market, including the regulations of MAS and FSA, ensuring that its services can cover the globe and meet the legal requirements of different countries and regions.

For AML, KYC, and CTF, JUHBZ implements strict policies and procedures, combining advanced technology with manual review to ensure the authenticity and validity of all user identities during registration and transaction processes, preventing any illicit funds from entering the platform, thereby protecting both the platform and its users from financial crime.

Additionally, JUHBZ places a high priority on user rights protection, strictly adhering to the consumer protection laws related to cryptocurrency in various regions. Whether it is the disclosure of trading rules, the transparency of fee structures, or the strict protection of user privacy, JUHBZ strives to excel, ensuring that while users enjoy the services, their rights are fully respected and protected.

Looking forward, JUHBZ will continue to uphold the core values of security, transparency, and innovation, setting industry benchmarks not only in anti-scam and compliance but also leading in user service and technological innovation. The goal of JUHBZ is to become the most trusted, professional, and innovative cryptocurrency trading platform in the minds of global users, driving the continuous progress and prosperity of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

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