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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach Newswire – 27 June 2024 – AI-driven solutions mushroom in the investment sector, driven by superior cost-efficiency and the general public’s unflagging interest in disrupting innovations. In this article, the experts at Octa, a global financial broker since 2011, describe the current landscape, dynamics, and directions of revolutionary changes that unfold before our eyes in FinTech and investing as AI technologies become more and more indispensable.


Investors increasingly rely on AI-powered applications to build risk-resistant, diversified portfolios and seem to have unlimited faith in AI. The hype appears to be well-deserved since the new tools provide unparalleled support in areas such as maximising potential returns, enhancing risk management strategies, and helping investors make more informed decisions firmly rooted in data analysis.

FinTech and investing have been experiencing radical change as AI-driven technologies are increasingly becoming innovation catalysts in these sectors. AI empowers investors by providing the technological groundwork for various tools designed to enhance compliance, analyse large chunks of data, and boost risk management. According to Custom Markets Insights research, artificial intelligence in FinTech was valued at 12.32 billion USD in 2023 and is expected to reach 45.07 billion USD by 2032.

AI offers investors a wide scope of advanced capabilities, including real-time data-driven insights, market trend forecasts, and sentiment analysis. AI and ML algorithms can efficiently process large databases to determine optimal risk-return investing profiles and provide customised portfolio recommendations. These technologies cover such areas as system capability testing, market analysis, and scenario evaluation, supporting investors in putting together their investment plans. According to Kar Yong Ang, Octa broker’s financial market analyst, ‘AI seems to be highly efficient in creating predictive models based on extensive historical data sets. It has already become a valuable addition to traditional technical and fundamental analysis that many traders use in their sessions.’

In addition to analytical tasks, AI tools exceed expectations when it comes to preventing cyber fraud in various forms and disguises. AI-driven solutions can be used to implement multi-factor authentication, ensure adherence to zero-trust security principles, and build modular system architectures that show superior resistance to hacking. These and many other use cases make AI a dominant force in the cybersecurity domain. Below are some of the most powerful and widely used applications of AI in the investment sector.

Market forecasting

AI-based solutions predict future market trends by leveraging advanced algorithms and historical data, including stock prices, trading volumes, economic indicators, and company financials, to identify patterns and make forecasts. AI systems clear the data, identify and extract relevant insights that can influence market trends, use machine learning models to create prediction models, and then backtest these to evaluate their performance and security.

Trade analytics

AI has disrupted trade analytics by enabling the processing of vast amounts of data, which helps reveal hidden patterns and generate actionable insights. One of the critical uses of AI in trade analytics is predictive modelling. Machine learning models, such as neural networks and support vector machines, are trained to forecast market trends and asset prices. These models can identify complex dependencies within the data that traditional statistical methods might miss, providing traders with more accurate and timely predictions. AI also excels in real-time data analysis. High-frequency trading firms leverage AI to analyse market conditions and execute trades within milliseconds, taking advantage of fleeting opportunities that human traders cannot perceive.

Risk management

AI helps in risk management by identifying potential market risks and anomalies. It can detect unusual trading patterns indicating fraudulent activities or market manipulation. By providing deeper insights and enhancing decision-making processes, AI-driven trade analytics empower traders and investors to optimise their strategies, improve performance, and gain a competitive edge in the financial markets.

Personalised portfolios

AI enhances investments by providing personalised portfolio recommendations based on individual risk profiles, goals, and preferences. Using advanced analytics and machine learning, AI analyses vast financial data to identify optimal investment opportunities and construct diversified portfolios. It continuously monitors market conditions and portfolio performance, offering real-time adjustments to align with investor goals. By incorporating alternative data sources like social media sentiment and news, AI anticipates market movements, enhancing decision-making. This data-driven, customised approach helps investors achieve better returns and manage risks more effectively.

AI tools become more and more instrumental for investors in managing risks, creating diversified and fluctuation-resistant portfolios, and predicting market movements. In the future, the development of AI in the investment sector will most likely lead to further improvements in precision and responsiveness, including the implementation of advanced algorithmic trading strategies, sentiment analysis, and real-time risk management systems.

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