Mr. Clement Lin from NEXCOM bestowed with Master Entrepreneur Title at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2023 Taiwan

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 20 December 2023 – The Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2023 is pleased to honor Taiwan’s outstanding business leaders and enterprises who have played instrumental roles in spearheading Asia’s resurgence on the global stage. Presented by leading regional NGO Enterprise Asia, the APEA is the most reputable award recognition program recognizing entrepreneurial excellence across Asia. The APEA aims to congregate exemplary business leaders and enterprises across Asia into one unparalleled platform for fostering the continuity of sustainable entrepreneurial growth in Asian economies.

Mr. Clement Lin is among the award recipients under the Master Entrepreneur category in the Manufacturing industry. As the Founder & CEO of the company who has over three decades of experience in the IT industry, Mr. Lin has played a key role in NEXCOM’s growth since its establishment in 1992.

Today, NEXCOM is a global leader in delivering Robots, IoT, and Industry 4.0 solutions based on Open Standards. Mr. Lin heavily promotes Open Standards worldwide, recognizing its importance for the booming areas of Eco-Systems of Robots, IoT, and Industry 4.0. This has helped the company to garner strong support from enterprises, education systems, and government agencies. Mr. Lin highlighted that both the automation and IoT markets are not fragmented in essence. This “fragmentation” is the result, not the cause, as the cause is that there is no wide support for Open Standards yet.

With his industry experience, Mr. Lin recognizes the potential of the Industry 4.0 market, which is forecasted to reach trillions of dollars, and is optimistic about NEXCOM’s contribution to its growth. This will be done by offering free downloads of IoT and Robot development kits as “the Easiest IoT/Robot Builder” and training programs. AIoT Cloud Sharing Platform, a subsidiary of NEXCOM Group, is established in 2015 with a focus on the application and development of IoT technology. It has since expanded its mission to support IoT start-ups and the Industry 4.0 or AIoT ecosystems by providing free downloadable resources.

Mr. Lin has always envisioned a society based on technology, has a rich culture, and is one that focuses on environmental protection. With the implementation of AIoT Digital Transformation solutions and a heightened global commitment to ESG principles, the realization of this vision becomes increasingly viable.

Mr. Lin strongly believes that AIoT Digital Transformation solutions are the keys to making ESG visions come true. With the lowest inputs, the highest output, and minimum environmental impacts, AIoT solutions could allow enterprises or any other entities to work highly efficiently as well as effectively.

The company’s future plan is to build up a booming cyber ecosystem through free downloads, co-creations, the matchmaking of all supply and demand for the lowest cost to share technologies, and to develop new solutions. NEXCOM will also help the IoT start-ups to grow, and act as a key platform that assists all enterprises and all entities to complete the AIoT Digital Transformation. Ultimately, its goal is to protect the environment from getting worse and then to bring the Earth back to normal status gradually. Mr. Lin is very optimistic about humanity’s future with all the new AIoT solutions based on these B2B&C cyber platforms all over the world.

Finally, Mr. Lin has one piece of advice to share with others, “AI is the new generation S/W application, and AI + IoT, the AIoT is the key to balance the human beings and the environments for an everlasting Earth”.

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