HTX has achieved significant success in four new tracks in the cryptocurrency market: AI, BRC20, MEME, and New Public Chains

HANOI, VIETNAM – Media OutReach Newswire – 19 December 2023 – HTX has become a key player due to its outstanding performance in four major tracks: AI, BRC20, MEME, and new public chains. The company has not only contributed significantly to wealth effects in these tracks but has also played a crucial role in finding and promoting new assets.

Outstanding performance across multiple tracks with significant wealth effects

HTX has particularly achieved remarkable success in AI token field. The company promptly Listed WorldCoin (WLD), delivering up to 54 times returns for its users, and in 2023, also Listed AI track tokens including WLD, CGPT, and PAAL. Additionally, in the continuously booming BRC20 track, HTX was the first platform to support mainstream exchanges, with ORDI token increasing by 53 times. HTX also simultaneously Listed SATS and RATS, offering users interested in potential BRC20 tokens a more reliable choice. In 2023, HTX consistently supported various MEMEs, listed popular meme tokens like VOLT, PEPE, AIGOGE, MONG, WSM, and MEME, with PEPE ultimately achieving a staggering 1999 times increase.

In the new public chain track, HTX actively participated and supported various new currencies, including SUI and SEI, which achieved 206 times and 178 times increases, respectively. These achievements not only reflect HTX’s keen insight into cutting-edge technology but also its innovative thinking and business model in the cryptocurrency market.

By fully tapping the potential of the cryptocurrency market, HTX provided investors with a first-mover advantage in its 2023 new coin launch activities, selecting potential new tokens for promotion through strict screening and in-depth market research.

In the competition of new tracks, HTX paid special attention to the new trend of Web 3.0. The company actively explored and developed new public chain technologies, such as Polkadot, Cosmos, Solana, NEAR, and Avalanche, bringing innovation to the entire blockchain ecosystem in specific scenarios.

As of now, HTX has laid out 58 different potential coin types and quality assets in various tracks in 2023.

In conclusion, HTX has not only performed excellently in various tracks but also possesses core competitiveness in discovering and listing new assets. As the market gradually warms up, the company continues to track market trends, engaging in the exploration of new tracks and the mining of new tokens, demonstrating its status as a leader in the cryptocurrency industry.

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