Fung Wing Education Launched ‘SimLife Camp’ for Secondary School Interview Preparation and Secondary Student Career Planning Education, Empowering Students to Understand Themselves and Enhance Interview Performance

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 18 January 2024 – Fung Wing Education has been assisting various organizations in career planning education. Their previous student training and career planning activities have received support from teachers, parents, and students. Fung Wing Education understands the importance parents place on their children’s school selection and transition to secondary education, as it is a crucial stage for every student.

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In December 2023, Fung Wing Education organized the groundbreaking ‘SimLife Camp’ for primary six students and their parents at Yuen Long Catholic Secondary School. This camp combined the secondary school interview with real-life career exploration, allowing students to hone their interview skills in realistic scenarios. It aimed to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and enhance their performance and confidence in future interviews for secondary school admission. Additionally, the camp aimed to instill in students the importance of planning for their future.

Nearly 200 primary six students participated in the ‘Simulated Life Camp,’ which spanned five hours and simulated various job interviews, part-time work experiences, and further education opportunities. The camp featured multiple simulated interview stations, enabling students to learn while practicing their interview skills and gain insights into career planning. Through guidance on academic choices, financial management, interpersonal skills, happiness, fulfillment, and the value of money and relationships, the camp aimed to assist students in developing positive character traits, positive values, and an understanding of the value of money. Throughout the camp, students encountered challenges, setbacks, opportunities, and temptations similar to those in the real world. These experiences inspired them to reflect on their life goals and understand the importance of personal development planning.

Most students actively participated in the camp, and they could earn academic credits through on-the-spot interviews in the interview class. The Education Bureau would distribute schools of Band 1 to Band 3 based on different academic credit values. After completing the academic pathway upgrade, students could experience various career activities such as being a KOL, singer, delivery person, athlete, and simulate the process of working and earning money. During the game, unexpected disasters such as epidemics, stock market crashes, housing crises, and natural or man-made disasters would occur. Students need to pursue further education through interviews to upgrade their social status and enhance their self-value. The outcome of their labor would depend on the choices they made at different stages.

Before the event concluded, the organizers invited parents and students to summarize the activities together. Through student sharing of their gains and experiences from the event, parents could also understand the benefits brought to their children, thereby strengthening the parent-child relationship. Finally, students shared their experiential insights and reflections on their emotional journey throughout the game in small groups. They also learned about their strengths and weaknesses from the feedback on the secondary school interviews, helping them boost their confidence and prepare for the upcoming interviews.

Founder’s Insights: Mr. Cheng, Child Psychology Expert

「Character education is more important than academic qualifications.」

Fung Wing Education was established in 2008 and has campuses in Tuen Mun, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, Tsuen Wan, Sha Tin, Lai Chi Kok, and Fanling. With a total of nine educational centers and over a hundred tutors, it has gained the trust of parents and students, serving as a reputable educational institution. The curriculum covers major subjects such as Chinese, English, and Mathematics, complemented by a rigorous teaching style to enhance children’s learning outcomes. Additionally, Fung Wing Education’s teaching team is dedicated to designing materials that closely align with school curricula and offer higher levels of difficulty to stimulate students’ critical thinking skills and focus.

“Education goes beyond imparting knowledge; it is about character education. Fung Wing Education aims to be the final guardian of education, shaping a brighter future for society.” Mr.Cheng said.

During his first year in university, Mr.Cheng (Cheng Sir) encountered the closure of a tutoring center. By chance, he took in a few students, and with his then-girlfriend (now his wife) already tutoring a dozen students, they gathered their students in a small space in Tuen Mun and began providing tutoring services. After careful guidance, the children’s faces lit up with the joy of enlightenment, radiating dazzling self-confidence. This scene deeply impressed Sir Cheng, revealing to him the path of a lifelong pursuit: the way of a teacher. He realized that what he was willing to shoulder was not just the students’ academic achievements but also their positive attitude towards learning.

Cheng Sir is committed to cultivating children’s proper learning attitudes, correcting learning problems, improving their study skills, and boosting their self-confidence. The focus is not only on their academic progress but also on their character education.

As a professional educational institution, Fung Wing Education sets strict standards and criteria for its staff, dedicated to providing the best services. The educational partners of Fung Wing Education will continue to demonstrate their professional dedication and passion for education, nurturing an outstanding next generation.

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