Capture.HK Expands Team with Appointment of Jason Law as Chief Product Officer to Build AI and Machine Learning Based Services


Accelerating Hong Kong’s $250 Million USD market opportunity in digitisation services with the use of AI

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 31 October 2023 – CaptureTM Hong Kong, a leading service provider of analogue media digitisation, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Law as the company’s Chief Product Officer. This strategic hire comes as Capture.HK seeks to capitalise on the rapidly expanding market opportunity with the design and development of product and services which use AI and machine learning. Capture projects that the Hong Kong market will require $250 million USD in digitisation services in the next ten years.

A Visionary Leader in Product Development

Jason Law, Chief Product Officer at Capture.HK, is a product visionary known for his strategic foresight and user-centric design principles. With a strong track record in product development, Jason has focused on attacked large markets where a new consumer experience and technology could solve scale issues.

@MelloMoney tackling the global issue of teaching 5-13 year old children how to develop healthy financial habits.

@Automate addressing the $7.7 billion USD insurance industry in Hong Kong using app engagement and AI based bots to dramatically speed up the insurance quotation process by 3X and offering it 24/7.

“The only way to scale and to provide products and services to delight customer is with the use of AI.” Says Jason Law, Capture.HK Chief Product Officer. “My fascination as a designer is to build products that can scale and showcase a brand’s value. There is an opportunity in every industry to harness the Golden Age of AI that we are experiencing, especially in consumer services.”

Capture.HK Products and the Use of AI

  • Photo Modernisation
    With Capture’s AI technology, the beauty and nostalgia of old photographs are meticulously preserved for generations to come. Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, the AI system intelligently analyses and modernises each image, effectively bringing faded and yellowed photos back to present day.

    A customer had previously digitised 25 photo albums, digitising the photos into digital format. She was highly satisfied with Capture.HK’s service and mentioned that the digitised photos by Capture.HK were of better quality than the original ones.

  • Photo Album Image Cropping – extracting the value from an album
    With the use of machine learning, Capture.HK is now able to scan entire albums in high quality and extract just the most important parts of a photo album. Customers can of course manually remove each photo and scan them, but this is a time-consuming process that 95% of customers will never do.
  • Facial Recognition and Organisation
    Through a partnership with Google, one of the eminent AI and Cloud company in the world all of Capture.HK’s digitised photos and videos are uploaded to Google Photos. Using AI, Google Photos will identify organise collections based on customers’ faces. This functionality allows you to easily organise and search for photos based on the people present in them. Future Capture.HK products are being developed to take advantage of this powerful organisational tool.

Preserving Memories in the Digital Age with Capture.HK

Capture.HK is dedicated to safeguarding cherished memories in the digital era. With a comprehensive range of analogue media digitisation services includes photo albums, photographs, videotapes, digital media, and slides. Since its launch in 2022, Capture.HK has successfully fulfilled 100’s of orders, experiencing a remarkable growth rate of 139% in the number of orders Q/Q. This growth is a testament to the trust and satisfaction of our customers who have entrusted us with their invaluable memories.

“Jason’s exceptional product vision will play a critical role in driving our AI product development efforts, ensuring that we continue to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers and enhance our operational productivity especially on photo album pre-cropping,” says Michael Chang, CEO of Capture.HK.

Capture.HK ensures that every analogue media is digitised into high-quality digital format, safeguarding them from deterioration and loss. Our team of memory specialists will utilise AI technology and advanced modernisation techniques to revive the true essence of your memories.

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Capture Limited

Capture.HK is the leading analogue media digitisation service provider in Hong Kong. We digitise analogue media (photo albums, photographs, videotapes, digital media like USB Flash Drive, Compact Flash, DVD, etc) and slides, using our proprietary technology. Capture.HK is the only service that saves memories directly to Google Photos through secure Google authentication. In the USA, we have cooperated with Fujifilm, Google and retail giants like Walmart and Costco, to help more than 12 million families and organisations to safeguard their memories.

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