Blackjack is Still One of the Most Played Card Games



Everyone is familiar with the game of blackjack and has probably tried it once in their lives. This card game was a very popular way before the internet boom, and now that it can be played online, there’s no stopping it! It’s the go-to game for beginners and continues to become more and more popular among existing players after they try it out.

Based on the jack of spades and jack of clubs, Blackjack is one of the most played card games for many good reasons. If you’re curious, or you’re just looking for reasons why you should join in on the fun, keep reading!

Easy to Learn and Offers Fast-Paced Gameplay

Unlike some card games where you find yourself hung up on the rules and the gameplay, and is easy to learn for anyone interested. Simply find a Blackjack online guide, learn the rules and practice with some free games and you’re ready to start playing it.

With the strategies you learn online and those you make up for yourself along the way, blackjack would soon become a card game that you can play with your eyes closed. The rules and the aim of the game are straightforward, you don’t have to play against more than one person who is the dealer, and the gameplay is fast-paced.

You won’t find yourself sitting around waiting for other players to make a move because it’s just you against the dealer. This is one of the reasons why players continue to fall in love with blackjack games and their variants.

It Offers Many Variations

Blackjack has many different variations. You don’t necessarily have to play the classic blackjack game if you’re looking for little tweaks and something new. Blackjack has over 20 variations that one can play online.

For example, multi-hand blackjack where players have up to five different hands when playing. A popular one is an online pontoon which is played with the basic theory of blackjack but changes up some of the rules. The most famous blackjack variants nowadays are the blackjack switch that allows players to bet on two hands, and so players can switch to the one that is favorable at any point in time.

With all of these variants, you never get bored or tired of playing blackjack. You can always jump from one to another and know that the classic game of blackjack will always be there.

It Has a Low House Edge

This is the one card game that has the lowest house edge. A low house edge leads to a high Return to Player, and who doesn’t love this? Blackjack and all of its variants offer a house edge from 1.5%.

Over time, players will still win more than they lose at a game of blackjack. For example, with a bet of 100 coins, over time players will get back 98.5 coins. If you use a very good and basic strategy, you can even drop the house edge to 0.5%, giving you a much higher chance to win against the dealer. If you’re playing a single deck game, you also have a significantly lower house edge, increasing your chances of winning.

Although casino games are played for fun and entertainment, no one can deny that winning big is fun too! This is the card game where the chance of finishing the game with all of your money plus the casino’s money is increased.

Blackjack is Played All Around the World

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games that is enjoyed by players all around the world. Irrespective of nationalities and language, it brings people together because it is easy to understand by anyone who wants to play it. If the game is so popular worldwide, then you should know that it is because of its amazing and straightforward gameplay, a wide range of variants, and a low house edge.





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