Telangana woman bravely fought armed robber


The robber armed with an iron rod had barged into her house and hiding in darkness to attack her. She valiantly fought and forced him to flee after the brief encounter.

The incident, which took place at Vemulawada town in Rajanna Sircilla district early on Sunday, was captured on CCTV.

The video of the woman bravely taking on the thief went viral on social media.

Apparently, alarmed by the barking of her pet dog, the woman stepped into the courtyard. She was shocked to see a masked man hiding in a corner.

Even before the woman could raise alarm, the robber tried to attack her with an iron rod. The woman dodged the assault and tried to run into house. He tried to assault her and in the process curtain fell down with the pull.

The woman bravely confronted the robber by holding the iron rod with both the hands. The pet dog continued barking and the woman also kept shouting to alert her neighbours.

The man tried to shut her mouth but his attempt was unsuccessful. Though the robber tried to attack her again, she refused to give up. Stiff resistance from the woman forced the thief to run away.

The woman later complained to police that the robber snatched a 7-gram gold chain from her.



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