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New Delhi, June 21 (IANSlife) Every year on June 21, the world observes International Yoga Day as a reminder to live an active and healthy lifestyle. It is crucial to choose a healthy meal that will fuel your body, encourage awareness, and support your yoga practise. With these five delicious, invigorating, yet practical breakfast options, you can start your day off correctly and honour the advantages of yoga:

Yogi’s Oats Powered Smoothie: Smoothies are a perfect and nutritious way to start your day. Blend a banana, spoonful of yoghurt, scoop of plant-based protein powder, almond milk and a dash of honey/ maple syrup. A spoonful of almond or peanut butter will give it an added twist. This protein-packed smoothie is also a great source of fibre and vitamins, and will give you the energy to embrace your yoga practice with vitality.

Nourishing Muesli Bowl: Indulge in a wholesome muesli bowl to energise your body for your daily workouts. Combine a generous serving of Yoga Bars’ Classic Fruit & Nut Muesli with your choice of milk or yoghurt. Let it sit for a few minutes to soften. Enhance the flavours by adding sliced fresh fruits like bananas, berries, or diced apples. This nutrient-rich breakfast will provide a satisfying crunch while keeping you fuelled post your yoga sessions.

Wholesome Oats Pancakes: Select a nutrient-rich choco-almond oats variant and blend it into a fine powder. Mash a ripe banana until smooth in a bowl and add a scoop of blended oats, almond milk or any milk of choice. Stir well until you achieve the desired consistency, creating a thick rich pancake batter. Cook the pancakes and serve them with toppings, such as sliced fruits, a dollop of yoghurt, some honey/ maple syrup, or a sprinkle of nuts. The oats contribute to a satisfying texture, while the combination of flavours and toppings create a delightful variety and indulgence to your meal.

Energising Breakfast Bars: Energising Yoga Bars for breakfast bars provide a convenient and nourishing option for those busy mornings when time is of the essence. Else, look for high-protein and high-fibre options that are also soy-free and gluten-free, as they are readily available in the market. These bars are perfect as pre- and post-workout snacks and serve as healthy meal replacement options. Grab one on the go and experience the benefits of a wholesome and satisfying breakfast that supports your active lifestyle.

High Protein Milkshakes: Indulge in a healthy milkshake that provides a delightful and refreshing start to your day. Elevate your regular milkshake by adding chocolate brownie protein bars for an extra boost. Sip on this refreshing and indulgent milkshake while fuelling your body with protein to support your active lifestyle.

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