Haryanvi track ‘2 Numbari’ accidentally played in Delhi Metro’s PA system


New Delhi, March 27 (IANS) Delhi Metro commuters were left amused after a Haryanvi track ‘2 Numbari’ was played accidentally by the Metro Train Operator instead of the usual announcement on the PA (public announcement) system.

A video clip related to the episode in which the song can be heard is doing rounds on social media.

An official said that the song was not played intentionally and “might have been done accidentally by the Train Operator”.

A Twitter user, Amandeep Singh, along with the caption: “Reason why I love Delhi”, shared the video on Twitter and other social media platforms, which has now gone viral.

Passengers can be heard laughing their hearts out. In the video, the song could be heard for a few seconds and was then turned off.

Twitter and social media users shared some hilarious comments.

A user wrote: “Haryana roadways driver after joining Delhi metro.”


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