Gang of high-end car thieves busted in Delhi, six held


New Delhi, March 28 (IANS) Six men, allegedly involved in robbing Fortuner cars in NCR and selling them to dealers in Jammu and Kashmir for Rs 3 lakh each, have been arrested, a Delhi Police official said on Tuesday.

Apart from the gang’s involvement in a series of car-jacking incidents reported in the National Capital Region, they used to also supply arms and ammunition, the official added.

The accused were identified as Vikram, 40, Arjun, 26, Rohit, 29, and Vicky, 30, who robbed the cars from Delhi-NCR while Ashraf, 68, and Ramesh, 36, supplied arms and ammunitions to the gang to commit car-jacking.

The official said that Ashraf and Ramesh used to also receive the stolen four-wheelers from the other gang members to sell in the market.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Dwarka, M Harsha Vardhan said that the matter came to light when on March 17, an incident of car-jacking of a Fortuner car was reported at Dwarka South police station.

“During investigation, after analysis of CCTV footage, call detail records links and manual surveillance, it came to notice that the accused are using a Hyundai I-20 car. Thereafter, secret informers were mobilised and specific information was received regarding the presence of the target car in the area near GGSIP University, Dwarka, Delhi,” he said.

Subsequently, a trap was laid near GGSIP University and Vikram, Vicky, Arjun, and Rohit were apprehended by the team.

“During frisking, four pistols along with eight bullets and an I-20 car being used in the commission of the crime were recovered from their possession. Further, police custody remand of accused Vikram was taken,” said the DCP.

On interrogation, it was revealed that Vikram’s cousin Arun who is in Bhondsi Jail lured Vikram to do car-jacking and got him in contact with Vicky, Arjun, and Rohit.

“Vikram was in touch with Ashraf and Ramesh to whom Vikram used to deliver the robbed cars. The gang was operated by Vikram along with Vicky, Arjun, and Rohit who used to rob cars from Delhi-NCR. The gang also used illegal arms and ammunition to commit the crime,” said th e DCP.

While fleeing, the gang used to take away the mobile from the driver and throw it out in the drain and also throw out the driver at some secluded place. Then Vikram used to drive the car all through the way to Jammu on the same night to hand it over to Ashraf and Ramesh who further used to sell the cars to Illiyas in Ahmedabad.

“Ashraf and Ramesh also used to supply the illegal firearms and ammunitions to Vikram which were used by the gang in committing the crimes,” said the official

“The team also went to Jammu and Kashmir in order to arrest the source of illegal weapons and receivers of stolen vehicles. The team used a Fortuner car to lure the receivers. Finally, the team was able to nab the suppliers of illegal firearms and ammunition and receiver of stolen cars namely Ashraf and Ramesh from Jammu,” the DCP said.

“From their possession, two pistols along with four bullets and a robbed Fortuner car were recovered,” said the DCP, adding that further investigation is going on.


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