Facing financial crisis, Seema-Sachin get offer to work in film


Amit Jani has offered both of them to work in his film being made in Mumbai, so that they can earn their living by working. Amit Jani is making a film on murder of Udaipur’s tailor Kanhaiya Lal Sahu.

Amit Jani of Meerut has given an offer to Seema Haider, who came to India illegally from Pakistan, to work in his films. He says that initially he was against Seema Haider but when learnt that she and Sachin are facing financial problems, he extended them a helping hand.

He said that people are extending helping hands to Anju (Indian woman) in Pakistan, whereas Sachin and Seema Haider have said that they are not able to go out to work because of the police investigation. Seema and Sachin have a livelihood problem, as soon as this news went viral, President of UP’s Navnirman Sena — Amit Jani– extended a helping hand to Seema-Sachin. They have been offered acting in his film production house Jani Firefox.

Amit Jani has recently set up a film production house in Mumbai and is making a film titled A Tailor Murder Story on the murder of tailor Kanhaiya Lal Sahu in Udaipur. The film is set to release in November. Amit Jani offered Seema-Sachin that if they work in his production, he could pay lakhs of rupees to them, so that they would be able to live their life.



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