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New Delhi: In the week leading up to the 18th G 20 Summit in New Delhi, international media ran stories about India playing host to world leaders like Joe Biden, Rishi Sunak, Emanuel Macron and several other dignitaries scheduled to attend the Summit on the 9th and 10th September.  In the run-up to the summit, a section of International media also focused on stories like the demolition of slums, the status of democracy, India’s economic disparity etc.

India G20 presidency – New Delhi Declaration

However, after the adoption of the New Delhi Declaration, almost every important newspaper and TV network hailed it as a major achievement and said that building consensus among member countries was a diplomatic win for PM Modi.

New Delhi Declaration

Even as media persons gathered at the sprawling International Media Centre were discussing the likely outcome of the Summit, a clip of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was played on the large LED screens where he said “Good news has just arrived. With our teams’ hard work and your cooperation, a consensus has emerged on New Delhi G20 Leaders’ Summit Declaration… I propose that the Leaders’ Declaration be adopted. I announce the adoption of the Declaration.”

BBC called it “a day of unexpectedly big headlines at the G20 Summit”.   Underlining that few expected a joint declaration on the first day of the Summit, given the sharp divisions among the group members over the war in UkraineBBC stated  “The Delhi declaration appears designed to allow both the West and Russia to find positives.”

The New York Times called the Declaration “an eye-opening departure” from the Bali declaration adopted last year, where world leaders had condemned Russia for its invasion on Ukraine.

Chicago Tribune and US News ran the Associated Press report “India forges compromise among divided world powers at the G20 summit in a diplomatic win for Modi.”

The Washington Post said “G20 agreement reflects sharp differences over Ukraine and the rising clout of the Global South, while The Guardian of UK stated “Watered-down G20 statement on Ukraine is sign of India’s growing influence”.  Wall Street Journal wrote “As India rises, The G-20 Reveals a Shifting World Order “.

Beijing praised the New Delhi declaration adding that G20 is a body for economic issues, not geo-politics.  Al Jazeera reported, “Russia praises ‘balanced’ declaration as summit concludes”.

New Delhi Summit is seen by observers as an important platform for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to expand the country’s clout on the global stage. It also offers US President Joe Biden an opportunity to deepen ties with his hosts and reach out to developing countries wrote South China Morning Post published from Hong Kong.

The Washington Post and CNN also highlighted the announcement of the India – Middle East – Europe Economic Corridor calling it an “ambitious proposal aimed at further connecting a volatile region and countering China’s years-long backing of massive infrastructure projects around the world.”


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