5 injured in Lucknow bus-truck collision due to dense fog


Lucknow, Jan 15 (IANS) Five people were injured in a collision between a speeding bus and a truck here on Monday due to dense fog.

The accident occurred on the Shaheed Path in Sushant Golf City, and according to reports, the collision’s impact was sp significant that it left the bus driver in critical condition.

Police and ambulances promptly arrived at the scene, transferring all injured individuals to the hospital for treatment.

“We received the accident report and immediately dispatched emergency personnel,” said Anjani Kumar Mishra, SHO of Sushant Golf City.

“With the help of an ambulance, the injured were swiftly taken to the hospital, where they are currently undergoing treatment,” he said.

Shabir Ali, the bus driver, was reportedly transporting passengers from Delhi to Siddharth Nagar when the accident took place.

Police said that the Shaheed Path was shrouded in thick fog, obscuring his vision, and leading to the collision with the truck ahead.



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