The Evolution of Crowdsourcing Platforms in India: Bridging Ideas and Innovations


Over the years, India has seen a remarkable evolution in the landscape of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platforms, transitioning from traditional fundraising methods to innovative digital solutions that connect ideas with potential investors and communities willing to support various causes.

Crowdfunding Success Stories

Platforms like Ketto have emerged as leaders in the space, offering unique facilities such as cash pick-ups and maintaining a low fee structure, which has facilitated the raising of nearly USD 6 million for over 10,000 projects. This platform has particularly made strides by averaging just under USD 600 per project, showcasing the power of small contributions making a significant impact​​.

Wishberry, another pioneer, has carved a niche in funding creative projects like music, stand-up comedy, and film production. With its hands-on approach, including campaign coaching for project creators, Wishberry boasts a 70% success rate in its campaigns, raising almost USD 1.3 million for creative endeavors​​.

FuelADream focuses on creative arts, social causes, and charities, offering both All or Nothing (AON) and Keep What You Get (KWYG) campaigns, underlining the platform’s flexibility and its dedication to supporting varied projects with different funding requirements​​.

Innovations in Crowdfunding

The sector has also witnessed the entry of platforms like Savart, which, since its inception in 2018, has raised $10 million to democratize access to capital while ensuring investor protection. As one of the few licensed NBFCs in India certified as A-rated by CRISIL, Savart illustrates the evolving sophistication and regulatory acceptance of crowdfunding ventures​​.

Marquee Equity and JM Financial have expanded the scope of crowdfunding in India, supporting startups with equity-based and debt-based crowdfunding solutions. Their efforts have significantly contributed to building a robust ecosystem for startups looking for investment capital in India​​.

The Road Ahead

The continuous growth of crowdfunding platforms in India is not just about funding; it’s about creating a culture of innovation, community support, and financial inclusivity. The evolution from niche fundraising campaigns to diverse platforms supporting a wide array of projects and startups marks a significant shift in how financial support and community engagement are perceived in the digital age.

The future of crowdfunding in India looks promising, with platforms increasingly focusing on transparency, user engagement, and regulatory compliance to ensure a secure and fruitful environment for both project creators and contributors. As these platforms continue to evolve, they are set to play a crucial role in the democratization of funding, enabling more ideas to come to fruition and more dreams to become a reality.

This transformation in the crowdfunding landscape highlights India’s potential to lead in digital innovation and community-driven funding, providing a blueprint for other markets globally.

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