Ayodhya most preferred tourist destination: IIM-L study


Ayodhya most preferred tourist destination: IIM-L study Lucknow, July 9 (IANS) A study conducted by IIM-Lucknow has found that Ayodhya is now a top tourist destination of Uttar Pradesh, a government spokesperson said. The study was commissioned by the state Tourism Department. “The extensive research project was conducted by the Centre for Marketing in Emerging Economies (CMEE) at IIM-Lucknow. Led by Satya Bhushan Dash, the study aimed at evaluating the image perception of destinations.

Conducted with the help of an agency, Market Excel, the research has provided critical insights into the branding and marketing of diverse tourist destinations in Uttar Pradesh,” an official spokesperson said. “This research incorporated both qualitative and quantitative methods to gauge awareness and understanding of key image attributes which motivate travellers. It also aimed to measure the perceived destination image across various socio-demographic groups,” he added.

“Online platforms influence tourists holiday plans. For domestic tourists, top motivators for choosing a destination include spending quality time with loved ones, destinations with historical and cultural significance, and safety and security. Unique destination imagery has emerged as a crucial driver for tourism growth in Uttar Pradesh,” he said. The researchers identified three distinct tourist segments — searchers, traditionalists, and maximisers. Each group exhibits unique travel behaviours and preferences, from seeking hidden spots and natural beauty to adhering to strict budgets and prioritising historical and cultural experiences.

Uttar Pradesh Tourism Minister Jaiveer Singh said, “The insights provided by this research are invaluable for shaping the future of tourism. We are committed to enhancing the tourism experience by focusing on cleanliness, improved transportation facilities, and budget-friendly accommodations. In recent years, Uttar Pradesh has become a bastion of tourism, boasting improved infrastructure, connectivity, and facilities. With 12 dedicated tourism circuits, we cater to every tourist’s preference, offering a destination for every taste. Our goal is to ensure that every visitor leaves with cherished memories and a desire to return.” The study determines the importance of cognitive and affective factors in destination choice, such as uniqueness, convenience, attractions, and overall emotional appeal of the destinations. –

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