Sushmita’s wish list: Mature love story, intense action, play deadly antagonist


Talking to the media on Thursday on the launch of the web series trailer, the actress shared that she has a long list of the films, genres and roles that she wants to take up.

Sushmitatold the media, “Abhi toh bas shuruaat hui hai. The second inning always is and has to be surprising for any artiste. I want to do a profound and mature love story, I want to play the most dangerous antagonist and I want to do intense action. The list is too long. This is just the beginning and I want to do everything”.

In the third season of the show,Sushmita’s titular character Aarya has her eyes set on the supply and transportation of the narcotic drug but is intercepted by Ila Arun, who herself is the undisputed queen on the supply side.

Hot on Aarya’s heels is ACP Khan who after being preoccupied in the second season is back with vengeance and will do anything in his capacity to put an end to Aarya’s illegal drug empire.

As Aarya gets cornered, she draws her claws out and goes for the kill with impunity as she has the fan favourite Daulat by her side. The following shots present intense action and a showdown where a wounded Aarya draws out the swords to slash anyone who lays hands on her kids.

‘Aarya 3’ is set to drop on Disney+ Hotstar on November 3.




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