Shubhangi Atre inspired by Madhuri Dixit to learn dancing: ‘No one could match her energy’


Shubhangi a.k.a Angoori Bhabi from ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain’ also takes up the role of a choreographer in the sitcom. It’s truly impressive that her choreographic talent is as precise as her comedic timing on the show.

The actress explains that creating her dance routines brings her comfort and allows her artistic expression to shine, which is a freeing way for her to communicate her feelings as an artist.

Speaking of her choreography skills, the actor shared: “Dancing brings me immense joy and a deep sense of satisfaction. Whenever I get a chance to perform, I dive in wholeheartedly. Thankfully, my role as Angoori in ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain’ consistently provides me opportunities to showcase my dancing skills with various tracks, and I choreograph my routines on set.”

“I enjoy the process and can nail the perfect rhythm in 30 to 45 minutes. Dancing comfortably is incredibly therapeutic for me and brings out my best. As a trained classical Kathak dancer, I have crafted dance sequences for every episode. Whether it’s classical pieces, Bollywood routines, or culturally rich performances like Garba or Lavni, I have embraced a wide range of dance styles on the show,” she continues.

“In a recent storyline, Angoori transformed into Chameli Jaan, a gangster’s girlfriend, and performed as a club dancer. I was tasked with choreographing various Bollywood item songs for this story line and had a blast shooting that scene. Furthermore, in the past, when I portrayed a courtesan, I incorporated classical Kathak elements into my performances,” said the 42-year-old actress.

Shubhangi said her dance numbers have consistently received fantastic feedback from her fans.

“To master the steps and expressions, I dedicate time to listening to the songs repeatedly and practising six to seven times before the final take. I have choreographed dance sequences for Aasif Ji (Vibhuti Narayan Mishra) and Rohitashv Ji (Manmohan Tiwari). There’s nothing quite as amusing and challenging as teaching a non-dancer to perform with accuracy,” she shared.

For the ‘Kasturi’ actress, dancing brings a sense of relief and boosts her confidence.

“The legendary Madhuri Dixit Ji played a huge role in inspiring me to learn how to dance. I’m certain that, like me, countless girls have fallen in love with dance after watching her performances. I’ve been an avid fan and have watched her movies multiple times. No one could match her energy and expression when she danced,” said the ‘Havan’ fame actress.

She concluded saying, “During my school days, I danced to many of her songs. My friends nicknamed me ‘Hamari Madhuri,’ and I was thrilled. Being a skilled dancer is crucial as an artist – you never know what opportunities may arise. Many of my acting projects have emerged due to my dancing abilities.”

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