Renuka Shahane, Rajesh Tailang to star in Rajeev Upadhyay’s short film ‘Ek Kadam’


Mumbai, June 19 (IANS) Actors Renuka Shahane and Rajesh Tailang have joined forces for the upcoming short film ‘Ek Kadam’, which explores the transformative journey of a housewife rediscovering her identity and independence.

Directed by Rajeev Upadhyay, ‘Ek Kadam’ tells the story of Anuradha Solanki, a middle-aged housewife who has always depended on her husband, Mahendra, and has never ventured out alone.

Renuka shared: “When I first read the script of ‘Ek Kadam’, I was deeply moved by Anuradha’s journey. It’s a powerful story about rediscovering oneself amid adversity. Working with Rajeev and Rajesh was a wonderful experience, and I hope the film resonates with the audience as much as it did with me.”

Director Rajeev shared his experience casting the lead roles: “As I wrote the script of ‘Ek Kadam’, I envisioned Renuka Shahane as Anuradha. I texted her and shared the script, and she loved it, coming on board immediately.”

“Rajesh sir also loved the script and joined soon after. I was ecstatic to have my first choices for the lead roles sooner than I imagined. Renuka mam and Rajesh sir turned into the characters of my film, bringing my vision to life. I am especially grateful to my producer, Amrita Dodani, for her unwavering support.”

He added: “Our film’s selection in various prestigious festivals and the awards we won were the icing on the cake.”

Rajesh said the script of ‘Ek Kadam’ immediately drew him in.

“The character of Mahendra is complex, and the dynamic between him and Anuradha is compelling. It was a pleasure to work with Renuka and Rajeev. I believe this film carries an important message about empowerment and self-discovery.”

‘Ek Kadam’, a 20-minute and 38-second film, has been released on Humaravmovie, Hungama, Vodafone, and Airtel.

Producer Amrita Dodani said: “Women are often oppressed in this male-dominated society. As a woman, I relate to this deeply. ‘Ek Kadam’ is our effort to encourage women to break out of patriarchy, no matter their age or circumstances.”



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